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  1. It finally worked! Thank you so much. Excited about the newest update too so I'm glad I can jump in just at the right moment it seems.
  2. Could you tell me how I do this? Or show me with some pictures? I don't know where to find the OpenRCT2 scenario folder. My laptop uses winRAR so maybe this is why. Also, I bought the RCT1 game through Stream so if that makes it any easier just let me know. I'm really bad with computers
  3. Hi, I have tried to extract RCT1 scenarios to OpenRCT2. I downloaded all re-made scenarios, saved the map under my downloads and then tried to convert them into OpenRCT2. When I press "OK" it tells me there are no RCT1 files in the map. So what should I do or what am I doing wrong?
  4. Could you maybe add some pictures as in a little tutorial? I have no idea where to find these. Also, should I buy the game online in order to be able to play?
  5. This translates freely to: "OpenRCT2 needs files of a RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 installation. Select the folder in which the files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 are present" Which folder? Where to find this folder?
  6. OK thanks, how can I run OpenRCT2 instead of vanilla RCT2? I did not recognise any difference Edit: I think I have been asked for the path before, but I couldn't find it.
  7. It's in the left above. I do now realise they may be asking for the cd but I can't put it in my laptop. Are there any other ways to get it to work without using the cd?
  8. Hi everyone, I am using a 2017 laptop which doesn't let me play with my old cd-rom anymore. So I found downloading the game to be an excellent solution to this problem. However, I stumbled upon another problem: I just can't get the game to play. I have downloaded several things multiple times but I just don't get in the game. I'm very noob-ish with anything related to computers, downloading and so on. It's just not in my nature and never has been. Being non-native English doesn't help much by understanding the guides which don't really tackle my problem either. In the beginning if I opened the download it asked me to select a folder for the files but I just couldn't find the folder anywhere. So after looking around on the web I saw advices to download the launcher which I did. Now I am supposed to fill in a certain code but I have no idea where to find this code either - please have a look at the attached file. I am assuming once I get this code right I could get the game started? Could anyone be so kind to just try and explain as easily and understandable as possible? I have been trying to get it to work for hours and I just don't know how and it's driving me a bit helpless. Thanks in advance!
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