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  1. Now I got it! You rock! Thanks for all your help!!!
  2. Ive gotten to step 8 but I cannot get RCT2 to run. I have copied the files to my applications, where do I try and run it from? Steam (when i go into steam it just has the install button but I cannot install it) The app I downloaded in step one (this says "“OpenRCT2” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.")? IM ALMOST THERE!!!
  3. download_depot 285330 285331 I put the below into Terminal and it goes through it alright and also opens up steam, but when I then enter download_depot 285330 285331 it says command not found /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/steam_osx -console
  4. In the Console tab, enter: download_depot 285330 285331 When I do this step it says "command not found" Any help?
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