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  1. Further exploration seems to be pointing to the specific issue being specific custom scenery objects. I loaded up a (really) old saved game (from the super early days of custom objects) with only a handful of custom objects on both my old computer (Macos10.11.6 running openrct2 0.2.2) and new one. Attempting to open the file on both computers brought up the "missing or corrupt" object file dialogue. I selected "download all" on both. This was successful on my older computer, with the saved game being openable after closing the error dialogue and re-opening the saved game. However, on
  2. Just got a new MacBook Air (MacOS11.0.1 w/ ARM processor) and I am utterly unable to open any of my past saved games. Whenever I try to load a past park, the opening park dialogue just disappears after clicking on it. I started and saved a new scenario, and was able to open that. What works: I can start new scenarios original to the game, I can also save and load them What isn't working: unable to load custom parks (they are all CSO). When I attempt to load custom scenarios with CSO, I get a dialogue stating It can't find the files or they are corrupt. Looking at the object folder I
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