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  1. Yeah I have them both downloaded and have tried a directing OpenRCT2 to various folders and files from my RCT2 data from steam. Thank you for that info, I'll make sure not to send it to the game /data folder and just to the game. I'll keep trying If anyone who is familiar with running on a Mac sees this, I keep getting error messages after trying to direct OpenRCT2 to my game like this: Warning (3): Unable to open '/Users/Matt/Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam.AppBundle/Steam/Contents/MacOS/steamapps/content/app_285330/RCT2/ObjData/PKEMM.DAT' I usually get tons of
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately I don't currently have access to another computer with windows. I was able to get the files downloaded from the Steam game I purchased using the console tab, and I found the install prompt within the OpenRCT2 game file. I am just having issues getting the download depot of files (from the steam game) to open within OpenRCT2 like the instructions lay out. It's probably obvious I don't have an IT background, and am having a hard time troubleshooting what I am doing wrong within terminal.
  3. Hello, after years of playing the original RCT game on my old computer, and more recently, the classic version on an iPad, I am excited to dive into OpenRCT. I've been following the RCT and OpenRCT subreddits, always impressed with users' creations using the customization options on the platform. I also really look forward to interacting with others on this forum and on the online/server option on the game. I am trying to get it up and running on a Macbook and am stuck. I have the game in my steam library and have successfully downloaded the latest developer version of OpenRCT from the we
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