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  1. Welcome, @rcthelp! Good to see you here and that you're returning to the game.
  2. When it comes to mazes, how does RCT calculate the amount of time a guest is happy to be in a maze before thinking "I want to get out"? After experimenting it seems duration is more important than difficulty per se. Most of my puzzle mazes get everyone out in about two to three minutes of real time but I'm wondering how far I can push the envelope.
  3. How do I make those changes without going into the scenario editor? I'm very new to RCT Open so if this is something which is only possible with the mod I have no idea how to do it.
  4. Because I want to enlarge the borders of the park land and the "convert saved game to scenario" trick won't let me do that. Nor will it let me change what's in the rides list or the research and development tree.
  5. Hi everyone, me and my friend have a problem. We were working on a custom scenario about 10 years ago in RCT2. He had created the landscape and picked all the scenery and ride types but then disaster struck: he reinstalled windows and then discovered he hadn’t backed up his RCT2 files. Consequently, the landscape is lost and all we have is a saved game. I can recreate the landscape itself, that’s no problem, but is there some way I can find out from the saved game file code precisely which scenery items he selected and then copy and paste them into the new landscape file? It would save both of us a lot of hassle and time as we start work on it again.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm wondering about something strange I've seen with mazes (this is the case both in the CD versions and in Open RCT). Let's say you have a path which goes past the exit, i.e. the exit isn't the termination point of a path but rather on one side of a path.. Some of the guests will stomp on past the exit as if it wasn't there. Why is this? I can attach a screenshot if it helps.
  7. Hi everyone, I first started playing RCT1 in 2000 and then RCT2 from 2003 but only on and off for the past decade. I used to be quite active on the RCTSpace forums as well and worked on a few unreleased track pack updates by Steve Franks. I’ve finally got around to downloading RCT Open and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do, especially with the maze as that's been holding my interest lately.
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