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  1. Figured it out! Didn't suspect this at all, but the problem was her internet after all, though not the strength of the connection. By switching to a different network, everything worked fine again. Now the problem is figuring out what exactly this network has against OpenRCT2... Doesn't seem to be the firewall.
  2. My girlfriend and I have been playing a variety of scenarios together on my multiplayer server for a couple weeks. When she tried to log on recently, however, (only a few hours after everything was working fine) the game would crash after just a click on the server. It will crash immediately every time. No error message on either end. She can connect to any other server. Frustratingly, it really seems as though nothing changed on either end to make this happen. She’s uninstalled and reinstalled OpenRCT2, restarted her computer, I’ve restarted mine, tried a variety of multiplayer se
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