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  1. I did a quick google search of this error: Symbol not found: __ZNSt19bad_optional_accessD1Ev I found a thread with someone having the same error in an unrelated app, they determined it was because the app only supported later versions of the os.
  2. I checked the console and there is a crash report each time I launch the app. By the way I am using that launcher app that is supposed to update rct2. I tried the individual openrct2 app both release and development builds and neither run, I get the error that it requires 10.13 or later. I notice that is mentioned in the log file in console for the launcher app, although it does initially run. I just read in the forums that the builds were supposed to be downgraded to run with 10.7. Here is the log output: Process: OpenRCT2 [1249] Path: /Users/USER/Li
  3. I was able to get open rct2 to work on my PC, but I'm really trying to get it to work on Mac. I'm trying to get it to work with the RCT2 demo files before I buy it again. (I already own the physical disk, but I no longer have an optical drive in my PC nor my Mac.) I installed on PC and copied that over the install directory to my Mac and installed openRCT2 on my Mac and pointed to the directory. When I hit play nothing happens and the program closes. I tried unwrapping the exe on my pc with innoextract, but the exe was incompatible hence trying to copy the directory and the files to my M
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