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  1. I wrote a plugin called Benchwarmer that places paths and bins on all alternate paths in your park. It's very useful for scenario play in which you have to do this tedious work for all paths in order to keep your park rating up. But I'm having an issue with it where sometimes, paths will get these "ghost additions" added to them. It's as if the game got stuck rendering the right bin/bench for the path, because it looks like the UI used to indicate where you're about to place something. Has anyone else had this problem? It kinda feels like an OpenRCT2 bug to me, as if the JS is running too fast for the game engine to keep up. But I'd like to know if others are having this issue and it's not just me before I go ahead and make a bug report. edit: Also, is there any better documentation than the TypeScript definitions? That's what I've been using, but just wondering if there's any other docs for the plugin JS API...
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