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  1. Which is very fair yeah, I certainly don't doubt it took quite some time to make Open RCT2, and from what I seen so far I do very much like what you have done, what you have added already from RCT1, and I will certainly play RCT2 on Open RCT2 once I get RCT1 done, I played the games for years since it came out, but never manged to finish them, so now I hope to do that with the first, then move to the second, and should any development be made to add things like the first game's vehicles to OpenRCT2, I look very much forward to that as well.
  2. Thanks for letting me know, it is interesting to hear about for sure, and hopefully something comes from it, to be honest I had it in my mind since my last reply, that why couldn't they just make a Open RCT1? I mean if they could do it with 2, surely 1 can be done the same no?
  3. Of course i'd love to play the game in widescreen and 4K, and all the other benefits Open RCT2 offers. it's just that one thing I mentioned is what prevents me from moving over, because I want RCT1 to be, look and feel like RCT1, I have not heard of this new save format you mentioned, as I am only new to using Open RCT2 and it's forums, but as I stick around I am sure I will find out.
  4. Thanks for responding, if it seems like it's something that hasn't properly been implimented in yet, then perhaps it's best not to fiddle around with it until it has, I read that link you sent so it gives me a good idea on what the issue is, for the meantime then, because when playing RCT1, i want to continue to experience the look and feel of that game and it's expansions, I will just continue playing the orginal game off Open RCT2, and when I get to finishing it, then il jump on Open RCT2 to play RCT2, I am about three quarters through Corkscrew Follies, so it shouldn't be too long before I
  5. Hi there, I was curious if it is possible to use assets from RCT1 in Open RCT2, such as sounds and models, example being the Steel Rollercoaster, the design of the train and the sound of it climbing a incline are all assets from RCT2, but when playing RCT1's scenarios, i'd like to be able to use that game's assets and themes, I know you can change the HUD theme from 2 to 1, but was just hoping you could do the same with the sounds and models as well, thank you.
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