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  1. Didn't mean to "refuse" anything. As I said, I'm not terribly tech savvy. Just looking to play a fun game. Thank you very much. Turns out I was selecting the disc. Stupid of me. Found the data and the game plays fine now. Thanks again for the help.
  2. When it prompts me to locate the data, I go to My PC and click on the application's icon. When that doesn't work, I go through multiple times and select a different folder under the application itself each time (Autorun, Scenarios, etc.) Each time I get the same message; that the data couldn't be found. Happens with the x86, x64, and the Launcher.
  3. Hi there. Sorry if this has been solved before, but I'm not terribly tech savvy and at wits end. I own RCT2 Triple Thrills Pack on disc and successfully installed it on my new PC with Windows 10. Game loads and works great. I've now downloaded OpenRCT2 three times (the x86 Installer, the x64 installer, and the windows.exe launcher). All three times, the download goes perfect, but then it asks me to show it where the game files for RCT2 are. The game was installed directly on the system, not hidden in any folders or anything. I click on the game, but then get a message that the data w
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