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  1. I only have msyh.ttf I installed msyh.ttc and the problem is solved. Thanks for reply!
  2. I have simsun.ttc in my fonts dir. I have simhei.ttf instead of heiti It seems no MicroHei in fonts dir. Can I change or view the fonts file used in config.ini? It seems wired in it because font file name and font name is "" in config.ini I set the font file name to "simsun.ttc" and the fon name to "宋体", the game diplay changed.
  3. Thanks for reply I switched it to "Software", and Japanese language(and Arabic, Korean) display now, but Chinese still cannot display. Now Chinese is the only language that cannot display.
  4. All chinese characters(and Japanese characters, and other special languages like Arabic) cannot be shown. When I select English, there are still some message not correct(shown as ???). Is there some font file needed? open rct version is 0.2.4-528-gb8b539c16 rct version is rct:deluxe and rct2:triple thrill in Steam system is Windows7x86 I have translation files as openRCT\data\language\zh-CN.txt, and text in the file seems no problem.
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