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  1. That did it, thanks very much, been a while since I updated OpenRCT2 so I was pretty lost ^^;
  2. Ok so I apologize if I'm being dumb, but do you mean the CTRL + ALT + C menu or the dropdown menu that you access by clicking the gears that appear once you enable the tools, because if it's the latter, I mentioned at the start of this thread that I clicked the gears to bring up the dropdown menu and all I see under the gears is open console and paint debug window, there is no tile inspector in there, which is my problem, anyone able to help me out with this?
  3. I turned on the debug tools in the options menu, but when I go in game, there's no tile inspector, there's nothing, I click the gears and it just gives me the option to open the console. I have the newest release of OpenRCT2 and I don't understand why the tools aren't showing up.
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