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  1. Through trial and error, I found that the good value limit is 4.50, and the absolute max is 17.90.
  2. So, I just plonked down El Condor (Compact Inverted Coaster), I put down some bushes for free excitement, checked the Ride Price Calculator (http://tomvanhees.be/rct2/index.php). I copied the stats (6.24, 8.33, 6.61), and it told me I could charge an awfully high 24.90 for it to be good value, and a whopping 100.10 max ride price. So, me knowing how to do basic maths, I crank the price up to 20.00, only to find that nobody was willing to pay that much. Money isn't really an issue, so I put it down to 10.00, and now people want to ride it. I did the calculation again, double checked, and got the same result. What happened here? What I'm guessing is that there's a missing decimal point or something.
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