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  1. Thanks a lot for that Broxzier! Very helpful
  2. Hey team, I've been following RCT2open for a long time, but haven't been active. So, just firstly want to say awesome work for giving this to the people of the world - it looks amazing. I grew up on RCT2 and really look forward to get creating on RCT2open. I've read the quick start 'guide' and searched the forums... but I can't say I've had any luck finding any list of system requirements for RCT2open. None of my searched key words gave me any useful info. Could someone please link me? I'm positive I can't be the first to ask. I currently only have an intel core m3 (7th gen) windows10 laptop (i think it has 8 gig of RAM). I'm hoping I might still be able to run a tiny park, or just single plot. Could anyone say if they think that'd be possible? Thanks guys. Keep building! -Ry
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