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  1. Hey guys, I'm using the mac version of OpenRCT and it's working just fine, thanks for your great work! However, I also downloaded the RCT1 files, using the appropriate Game-ID 285310 and Depot ID 285312 (German version) in Steam console. But OpenRCT won't accept them - everytime I try to set the path for the RCT1 files using OpenRCTs option menu, the prompt "Bitte wählen Sie ein valides RCT1-Verzeichnis" (I'm guessing "please specify a valid RCT1 directory" or similar in english) is displayed. Why won't it accept the RCT1 directory? All the files are there. EDIT: I now also tried to use the english depot 285311 - it won't accept that, either. EDIT 2: I managed to do the trick myself - by editing the config.ini in the OpenRCT directory and manually putting the RCT1 path in there. Now, open RCT shows the RCT1 content - still it's rather strange that it wouldn't let me pick the directory using the options menu!
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