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  1. I'm trying to edit my available objects to reduce some noise while I build specific themed lands and came across something I don't really understand. In the Object Selection window there are various tabs for all the different scenery types walls/fences, footpaths, etc.. However there is also a tab for "Scenery Groups". I've spent quite a bit of time on my current set up so I don't want to experiment and blow out all the changes I've made so far so I figured I'd ask here. If I uncheck/check boxes in the "Scenery Groups" section, is it possible that those groups enable objects not available in the other tabs? Or is the idea of "groups" just a shortcut to adding individual objects? If so, would it make more sense for me to try to use the scenery group editing tool I saw on Reddit to create my own groups for each themed land in my park? Hopefully my question is clear enough, let me know if y'all need more info. Thanks!
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