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  1. Thank you so much, getting through all the steps with ease. However there is an error that keeps popping up. I have asked the reddit for further assistance Thanks all again for the support
  2. I redownloaded the data from gog.com and I have now been able to extract the below. unfortunately I can only post twice a day 😅 I used wine this time around and seemed to get more out of it. the set up tutorial on the website kinda throws me off. Again, any help is very greatly appreciated
  3. guess I am getting lost when it comes to the directory. I have included a screenshot of the files hidden in the library folder
  4. Hi all, Super fan of the series and have even been playing them on my phone before coming across openrct2, shame on me! However after downloading the game from gog and using play on Mac to extract the files I have been unsuccessful in getting openrct2 to work as I keep linking it to the wrong file. Would there be someone in the Wonderfull community able to help me out/point me in the right direction?
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