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  1. For me it is everywhere, it is mostly losing the ones that my workers need to get from one exit to an other
  2. Hello, I've found a way to cause network desyncs. Im running a big park with a friend, we have big attractions everywhere. But since I added a train which drives all over the park, we are experiencing lots of desyncs (desyncs right after connecting). When I close the train, the problems are gone! I hope this helps to find the cause of some of the desyncs!
  3. Hello, Im a big fan of the project, sadly I have to let you know about this bug. Me and a friend of mine are running quite a big park atm but we encounter lots of problems around the petrol areas. Parts of the areas of the mechanics and cleaners seem to get removed after everytime the park is launched, or do not get saved properly. Is this a common problem? (I am running 57201c1, but it happens for days / around a week already). I always download the latest development update to be sure a fix might have been made Thanks!
  4. With me the desyncs happen when: The host (not always a user) places benches, decorative items, employee, changing the zones of the employee, during the building of roller coasters (most of the times). But the weird thing is that sometimes these actions do not lead to a desync, but mostly when done twice or three times in a row. I hope that helps Broxzier
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