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  1. Can someone please explain what part of Dsoul's post was so wrong? He didn't "boss you around" and he wasn't rude.
  2. Absolutely, we shouldn't rely on discord or some external program just to be able to play the game. When a newbie hops on openrct2 for the first time they don't want to jump a random server and instantly be bombarded with typing in a discord link and joining just for a server they may not even like. And for them and our hosts sake, they certainly don't want to see some idiot spamming a thousand times in chat. then of course the mods have to put the whole server in lockdown, blocking outside guests till it's cooled down. Take Skylander Katfish for example, he hasn't been able to have discord until very recently for certain reasons, and in my experience, he has been the most trolled server in the whole community. You may say "well, he'd just have to suck it up and get trolled or make a sign up program," but he shouldn't have to. In this game people with enough rights to even build a coaster or edit landscape can ruin alotta peoples parks very quickly, even more than a Minecraft world or rust, and even those games have the standard ban button, whether it be a plugin or not.
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