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  1. Thanks for the hint jensj12 and sorry for the late reply, looks like only 1 post per day for the newbies directly after the first one. To answer you questions, although it is already solved, I installed OpenRCT2 via the OpenSuSE package manager, YAST, and I saw the four buttons plus exit and options but no demo park in the background. With the JSON issue in mind I downloaded OpenRCT2 from the website and did some sleuthing. After comparing the Data directories from the download and my installed version it looks like the object directory is missing in it's entirety, which of course is
  2. So I followed the Quickstart guide for Linux, specifically the Manual Extraction - Retail CD option, and as I am running OpenSuSE Tumbleweed I have installed OpenRCT2 via Yast. So I tried to run the game. I was asked to select my install folder and did so. I received a number of errors and had no music. I looked into the directories made via the quickstart and found that I had a Data/Data directory, containing css##.dat files. Not thinking this was correct I moved said files up one level into the first Data directory. Restarting OpenRCT2 I now had music, but still a crapton of errors. A p
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