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  1. Thanks jensj12, it worked ❤️ i couldn't reanwers or react to your reaction, because i was allowed to send 1 message (my post), so i couldn't say something back for the last 24 hours. but thanks
  2. Hello there, A few weeks ago, a friend of mine said that I should download OpenRCT2 so we can play multiplayer RCT. I had RCT 1 and 2 on CD's, but my new pc did not have a cd input, so I couldn't use CDs for my pc. Then I decided to buy RCT 1 & 2 for steam. I bought it and I got RCT 1 Deluxe, 2 Triple Thrill pack and 3 Platinum(apparently I got a bundle). I downloaded RCT 1 and 2on my second disk, also downloaded OpenRCT2 on my second disk (the first disk is an SSD, the second is an HDD, I wanted to save some space on my SDD :) ). I started OpenRCT2 launcher and connected to my RCT 2, and started. Since then I started to play only multiplayer and did not see my singleplayer runs (my friend hosted a server). My friend said that I could practice building Roller coasters on Singleplayer. So I looked in my singleplayer tab and saw only RCT2 scenarios. Nothing wrong with that, but I also wanted my RCT1 scenarios. I have heard and looked up on the internet that OpenRCT2 would detect RCT1 + dlc's. This is not the case for me. I would like if my OpenRCT2 Launcher also would detect RCT1 so I can practice those scenarios. I hope someone has an answer that OpenRCT2 Launcher would detect RCT1 with my RCT2. Sorry for my bad English, I'm dutch Guus *edit: this problem has been solved :D*
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