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  1. Um, I think the message wasn't delivered properly. Moving without releasing finger is not recognized as a right-click drag. Just recognize right clicking at the point of finger release.
  2. Oh, It has already tried it. Holding your finger is just a right click. On Windows10, It treats it as a single right-click only, not holding, at the moment of releasing the fingers. This is also where I posted this post on the forum.
  3. Thanks for your great solution! But there is some problem to do. Have you ever used Photoshop CC? Since it started supporting touch screens in earnest, Adobe has added a function to scroll through the screen when it moves from the enlarged image to a two-point touch. I've asked Microsoft's Community Center if I can change or add touch gestures' setting, but they'll probably say it's impossible because there's a chance of colliding with these third-party software. Instead, Microsoft will pass on each third-party software developer to assign commands for each touch gesture.
  4. I play OpenRCT2 on MS's Surface Pro 2017 model. When you play games, you feel like you don't have to use the keyboard to lie down and lighten it. However, in OpenRCT2, by default, the movement of the screen is to move the mouse cursor to the edge. It's very hard to do on a touch screen. Like mobile games, if moving with two touchpoints, it would be simple if you just added a command that allows you to scroll through the screen. Is this a difficult task? Thx for read :)
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