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  1. Well I meant "we" as a collective of both developers and fans. Sorry if I caused any offense. Personally, I'm just looking forward to whatever direction this project goes
  2. Throughout my time lurking on this forum before joining. I've come across people saying that eventually, we will be able to make new track pieces such as dive loops and overbanks and implement new coaster car sprites to make coasters that are even more realistic. However I've heard that currently, we can't do those things because the SV6 save format won't allow it. I know that non-compatibility with vanilla RCT2 is gonna suck (unless we can develop a program that will convert SV6 files to the new save format easily), but I'm honestly looking forward to what we can do once it gets implemented. Could it be possible that we could develop actually functional giant flat rides? Perhaps import 3D modeled tracks like we've been able to do with RCT3?
  3. Hey guys Lets just say if I wanted to take a break from trying to build realistic rides and coasters in ORCT2 and I wanted to go on a bit of a nostalgia trip with the features of ORCT2, would it be possible to import the original looping coaster cars and corkscrew coaster cars from RCT1 into the ORCT2? I know that the RCT2 versions look like actual Arrow and Schwarzkopf trains, but theres something about the RCT1 cars that I just love...
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