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  1. @Gymnasiast Yes everything works now except for one thing. day/night time works, but the lights are not working...
  2. @jensj12 I saved a game, and I found it back in the OpenRCT2 game. But not on my mac... Thanks anyway! @Broxzier The OpenRCT2 map is missing... I'm gonna give it a try at the non-dev gitter chat. Thanks for your help!
  3. Well I searched "OpenRCT2" and this is everything thats on my mac... It's only a program, no OpenRCT2 folder... I even downloaded OpenRCT2 again, still a program...
  4. I don't have a OpenRCT2 folder. I only have the program OpenRCT2 on my dektop... Only got this objdata folder. So made myself an object folder and put the objects in it. Doesn't work either...
  5. So i'm back with another issue. I downloaded some objects from nedesigns.com and placed them in the objdata folder. When I want to make a new park I can't find any of these downloaded objects... I already tried to check other topics about this but it didn't help me. Good to know: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 / OpenRCT2 working with RCTC. Thanks in advance guys!
  6. @Gymnasiast I can't find any .pob files. But the game seems to work with the .dat files...
  7. Okay now the game works but I still have one little problem. The scenery, paths etc are missing. I only see people and tracks without trains... How do I get this right? I also have no *.pob files... only a lot of .dat and td6 files... Thank you in advance!
  8. So I downloaded these links with the green button, put them in the map "OpenRCT2" and it still won't work... I don't know what to do to just play rctc with openrct2... Did I do something wrong? Thank you in advance!
  9. When I select the folder it won't work either. And I'm on githhub now but I can't find the required files. Am I on the right website?
  10. So I downloaded RCT Classic from Steam. I saw someone saying on a website it works with OpenRCT2 as well... But when I open OpenRCT2, I need to select where the game is and I can't open it...
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