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  1. Oh... I should have thought about that... I kinda realized that when I see that Go Kart isn't available in track designer but I didn't know that I can't test monorail cycle cuz I never build it. Guess I was too hasty. Thank you for noticing me.
  2. You mean object selection in Scenario Editor? And I checked that it's available in Track Design Manager, too.
  3. I've searched the forum with 'monorail cycle' to see if someone already wrote about it but I only found that there's no topic or reply that include the words 'monorail cycle'. Well it's not a preferred ride at all so... lol I also searched with 'track designer' but no topic or reply seems to notify the absence of monorail cycle so I made a new topic. It's V 0.2.0 fe76c80 Windows x86-64 and I was playing in Korean.
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