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  1. Hello, I thought I would report a development build bug I'm seeing which caused me to install the latest release instead. When creating a path on land at a certain height, the game will show you trying to make a path at the lowest location underground. I also noticed that at that same height, I can't make an entrance or exit even if it's on flat land (at that height).
  2. Hello, For some reason, I can't connect to the master server anymore. I was able to when I initially installed this game on my computer. Then, I wanted to play with a friend. I had to set up port forwarding in order for us to play. I did, and we were able to play successfully. The very next day, when I started the game, I had the following error pop up. There was absolutely no changes I made to the network after we played successfully last night. I attempted to turn off the fire wall, check my network settings, check my router settings (the port forwarding is still there), and
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