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  1. "This is the first fully implemented version of OpenRCT2. RCT2.EXE is no longer required." It said that in the features section so I just assumed. Thanks for the answer and info
  2. I'm really sorry if this question has been repeated already but I looked through the forums and I'm pretty sure nobody has asked this yet; I havent played Open in awhile and so when I came back there was an update. I tried playing without the update and it said I needed the original files. I downloaded the update and tried again and it still said the same thing. I looked through the update notes and it didnt say anything regarding this. I googled it and I found this: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Required-RCT2-files But it says "since 2016" and I'm pretty sure ive been playing it fine until a couple months ago. Anyways Im not sure how and if I should get the RCT2 files or if its even a bug or not. Could anyone help me out?
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