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  1. Alright, thank you. I'll try doing that
  2. But how do you adjust the height when using Custom Built Designs?
  3. Yeah but it's a cheat, and it's "Renew all rides". I mean, unless one wants to do that and go subtract money and all the operations manually, yeah, but it's not feasible I think
  4. Thanks, wasn't aware of that option And for the other problem? I mean when you save a preset for a built ride, and then try to replace it in its same place... sometimes it's hard if not impossible to place it at the same exact spot/height. It would be nice to have a "Repair/Rebuild" button that would apply the base cost of the structure + something like 5% of its price, and then adds 5% every time you want to rebuild it. Of course this operation would be the same exact thing as rebuilding the entire ride (reliability up again, people want to go on it again, etc).
  5. Hi, sometimes the chairlift won't let me use more than one chair, even though I could fit a whole house for the number of stations I have. The solution I found was save the track and rebuild it, but it's not always optimal (sometimes it's literally impossible to rebuild at the same exact spot because of height difference, even if I press SHIFT/CTRL the whole structure won't go up or down).
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