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  1. Thank you. Okay. I opened Steam Console version, then download depot, then downloaded steamCMD. What would be the next step? I'm looking into this unshield thing but no idea where to go from there. Do I have to do wine? I hear you don't have to do that anymore. Then once I do that, I open ORCT and then asks me where to open, where do I go from there?
  2. Yeah I have no idea what shell means. Like I said, RCT isn't downloaded on Steam because it won't let me. I do own the game though.
  3. Pardon my ignorance. I have no idea how to open steam with console. How do you "pass" Steam as -console? How do I run /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/steam_osx -console I don't code. Don't know how computers work like that.
  4. I have the game purchased through steam. Steam cannot download the game because im on the wrong OS. So where do I go from here? Even though I bought the game but can't download it, I need to download it through another way?
  5. You mean to tell me there are over 40k views on this thread, and we still do not have anyone that can do a full lay out of how to make this work? Tom_Tom seems to have it, but yet I see many people, including myself, that does not have a popup showing where we need to change a backslash to a forward slash. No one else seems to know the answer either. The original reddit that was posted does not help me because, while I do have RCT2 downloaded through steam, I cannot "Place the bought/demo RCT2 game files folder in your applications folder" because I have no idea where the game files are. Is there ANYONE that can give a step-by-step tutorial, including how to change the slashes? Maybe show us where we can find the original game files from Steam and how to move them to the applications folder? I appreciate the help.
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