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  1. I didn't think my record was beatable, but you did it, nicely done! There is one issue though, and that is that in vanilla, the floorless and standup trains don't have access to the launched lift hill. This means that in vanilla the record would be 389 km/h, which is still faster than my old record.

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  2. image.thumb.png.ce9f81004ea5f555322326f913c8b3a0.png

    Here we have a path system. It's well designed, apart from the two black loops. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that if a guest can walk 270 degrees or more in a loop without having any exits, it has to possibility of being a place where they get lost. The one on the top is a full 360-degree loop without any exits, and the bottom on is 270 degrees because it has one exit on it. This doesn't go up if the loop in question is on the outside of the path system. I am coming up with this theory on the spot here, but it's something I use in my parks and I rarely get lost people, and if people get lost it's usually in these kinds of situations. Dead ends leading to a ride or stall are the worst idea, as they hinder the flow of your park and guests will often have a lot of trouble finding them. Long dead ends from exit paths also aren't the best, so it's best to put a no entry sign to prevent that. Short exit paths don't really matter, so if you have a lot of those and don't feel like placing 100 no entry signs, that's probably going to be fine. Removing the loops in the food court will probably solve the problem, so that's a good idea. Having a pathway that only goes to shops and nothing else isn't the best idea, even if it's just a loop.



  3. I think there are two problems at play here. The first is that you have a bad path layout. You have a couple of dead ends and some loops that go nowhere, which both confuse the guests. This causes guests to not be able to find rides and get lost (I also got red messages about guests getting lost), which causes them to want to leave. The second reason is probably that you reached the guest limit for the number of rides you have. Once you reach the limit, the game will start generating guests at a much slower pace while guests will still leave at the same pace, causing a decrease in guests. When I ran your park for a couple of years, the guest count stagnated around 3225 guests, and eventually, it started picking up again. 200 guests complaining about overcrowding in a park of over 3200 guests isn't a problem. Overcrowding doesn't become a problem until about 1/4 or more of your guests complain about it.

  4. 9 hours ago, TheMathsGod said:

    WOW. I am just... amazed. I think I've done a good job when I get an excitement rating over 8. Does the low intensity and nausea mean that peeps will actually ride it? Will they be willing to pay 300 of whatever the local currency is in order to ride it?

    Thanks! Guests will ride this coaster and would pay up to €464 for it if the game allowed you to charge more than €20. That said, because it only runs one train, is insanely big, and takes about 20 RCT years to complete, it's an utterly useless ride in the game, even with the high stats.

  5. 1 minute ago, Blymurkla said:


    This makes coasters with multiple stations a bit odd, right? Peeps will think going up a chain hill and then getting of at a second station to be fun, since the next ride section is great. And they'll be scared away from long coasters with multiple stations, since the total amount of intensity-increasing sections will be high even while each section is well-designed. But I guess that's always been a quirk of the game.

    Unfortunately, mobius coasters don't do well for this reason. If you have 2 sections with both 5 inversions and 10 drops, the total will be 10 inversions and 20 drops and that will almost always be way too much. 

    You can take advantage of it by doing something like this. The small sections between the stations have the same rating as the long section and guests will pay the same for it. You can make a lot of money if enough guests want to ride it.


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  6. On 2/26/2018 at 00:08, Deurklink said:

    Nausea rating doesnt count?

    All that counts here is the excitement rating. No guest will ride this ride because of the nausea rating, but the excitement is still high. I'm just curious what the maximum possible is and I'm getting closer and closer to it.

  7. Go Karts get very low excitement ratings if you put it in race mode and have less than 4 cars, or put it in continuous circuit mode. Did you change the number of cars when you changed the ride? I have also found image.png.4b38537bac59b61b42885609d6d84dbb.png This in the code, which indicates an excitement penalty. I don't know what it means though.

  8. Added two underground sections and the element in the screenshot for another 0.32 excitement for a final result of 96.91. I realized my coaster didn't have any sloped turns, so I added a bunch of them with that element. After that, I wasn't at 9.99 intensity quite yet, so I added two extra underground sections and those added another 0.2 for some reason. Getting closer to 100, but I doubt I'll ever get there without a rise of the current limits.

    Test Park 2018-02-25 22-38-05.png

    Test Park 2018-02-25 22-33-02.png

  9. Oh, that "bug", which isn't actually a bug. If the waiting time is longer, there will still be cars in the station when the car arrives back at the station. The ride length is calculated when the cars stop, and if there are still cars in the station it will have traversed less track than if it can travel all the way to the front of the station in one go.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Batchman said:

    Funny thing is, I found this chart of yours on Reddit literally minutes before I came here to check on this thread again. <ggg> Thanks for the very helpful chart!


    I have to guess the issue was only a minor glitch, because I opened a new park, dropped the same coaster into it, and now the excitement is around 6, where it belongs. Weird.

    Ha, nice timing. About the stats, what are the lateral G's of your coaster? Stats can be slightly inconsistent, so it's possible that you got 1.49 one time, which gives you a penalty, and 1.50 another time, which gives no penalty.

  11. On 2/12/2018 at 21:28, Nietono said:

    My current highest excitement floorless coaster (prior to scenery, landscaping, other rides, etc), even if it does look like spaghetti:


    Please excuse the name. It has more drops than needed and looks like a mess, but I'm proud of it nonetheless :D

    That's very impressive. What is the excitement rating after adding scenery and other stuff?

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  12. 3 hours ago, CoasterRoll said:

    I would say the Heartline is my lest favorite, but others have already brought it up and I don't build it as it is, so I won't.

    What are my least favorites? Well, I really hate working with the Wild Mouse and Virginia Wheel: They're both grouped together for similar reasons, namely when I try to make them, they end up getting low excitement and high intensity stats. And trying to make them longer and less squashed together really defeats the purpose for me. The Virginia Wheel also has a considerable lack of piece to its disposal.


    There is always a reason for high intensity stats and low excitement stats. I'm guessing your lateral G's are too high. If you could post some screenshots of your coasters with bad stats I could point out where you are going wrong.

  13. Excitement records without using cheats. Also, I doubt that a coaster with stuff like 900 km/h launches would have more excitement, as most stats have a cap for the excitement you can get from them. So unless you can create a coaster that reaches like 1000 positive G's (one of the few stats without a cap) I doubt you can get over 96.

  14. On November 1st I broke my record by a small margin when someone discovered that you get different bonuses for different types of path. The brown footpath in the screenshots are the only additions to the coaster, which raise the excitement to my current record: 96.59. Click here for a full-sized giant screenshot which was way too big to upload here. I wonder how long this record will stand.

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-10-58.png

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-10-49.png

  15. Three days later, on September 10th, I suddenly had the realization that spirals do not count as drops, which meant that there was a way to get air-time without getting drops. This means that I didn't spend all those intensity points on the 63 drops, so I could add other things at the end to get even more excitement. This led to the creation of the coaster that holds my current record. I originally planned to get the maximum value of air-time, 1964 seconds, in 2 laps, but I ran out of landscape data so I had to do it with three laps. This remains the greatest coaster I have ever built, and until there's a new save format and the limits are raised, I don't think that the record will be broken by a large margin. I ended up with a coaster with 96.10 excitement, just a few points away from the 100 excitement.

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-06-16.png

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-05-53.png

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-05-25.png

    Test Park 2018-01-29 10-07-48.png

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