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  1. Yeah, I can see them in the Track Designs Manager now, but for some reason when I go to place them in the game it doesn't give me that list. I've got tracks in these two locations now: C:\Users\Me\Documents\OpenRCT2\track -- this is where Track Designs Manager is pulling them from C:\Games\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack\Tracks Thanks a lot for the help. I know this is pretty basic. EDIT: @Wuis Okay, they work in single-player but not multiplayer. Is that normal? THE ANSWER: NO FAST-FORWARDING IN MULTIPLAYER NO CUSTOM/SAVED RIDES IN MULTIPLAYER REFERENCE: (https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/5097) Thanks again guys.
  2. @Wuis No, it does not. I think I am beginning to get closer to the root of the problem though. I did not have any tracks in that location so I copied them over, including the one you gifted me. Unfortunately it is still not bringing them when I click on a ride. I'll keep screwing around with it and post my results. If you have any other advice that would be great!
  3. @Wuis Ah, I see what you are saying. That makes total sense. My single-player does have a fast-forward button. It's a bit of a drag that my gal and I can't speed up the game when we play together, but whatever, still a ton of fun. Thanks for your reply! As I said above just moments ago, when I click the picture of the ride I want to place it goes straight to edit mode. Weird! Edit: I see you have edited your post, let me try that!
  4. See I thought it was something like that, but when I click the picture it goes straight to the custom window. I have attached a picture to illustrate this. Darn. Good to know you are using the original RCT2 without issue. That narrows the scope of my problem! Thanks!
  5. This is the greatest thing ever. I mean, not literally, but the people who put this together are effing geniuses. That being said I am having a little trouble with a couple things: How do you fast-forward? I see other people have a button for it. How do you use premade coasters and such? I have pointed out where I vaguely remember that button being. I can live without these things but the community here seems to be pretty vibrant, so I thought I'd ask. A simple search of the forum didn't yield any answers for me. All issues aside the work that has been done on this game is amazing. Finally, I am using GOG RCT2 Triple Thrill pack (, is this the issue? Do I need the latest Steam version? Thanks
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