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  1. I'm all for a ban button, but like it's been proven, VPNs and dynamic IPs change all the time so it does defeat the purpose. Every game has its issues (hacks, trolls, etc) and there is no for sure way to get rid of it. For some of the newer people on this discussion, this battle has been fought before. Like @Gymnasiast has said, open a pull request or suggestion on Git. Im sure the dev's are always looking for more ways to improve the game. I've seen dozens of issues get fixed there. But by demanding, that's just inhumane, and doesnt get any progress done. Theres no guarantees, but like most of us, this is a side hobby and is not a full time job so everything cant get fixed when we want it. @Sheepsnoop he was referring to the entire thread. I'd feel attacked if someone came at me with that type of request that has already been talked about a number of times the past few years.
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