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  1. That solved my problem! Thanks so much! Now, do you know how to get that file to OpenRCT2 so that it will auto-download it?
  2. I am looking for the KDGENFLG data file. I found all the others within OpenRCT2 automatically. Where can I find this one? Does anyone have a copy?
  3. I was trying to take a saved game and make it into a scenario that requires a certain ride income per month. However, I found that this was not an option in the Convert, only when creating a scenario from scratch. I see that this is also the behavior in RCT2 (vanilla). Are there any plans to include this ride-income goal in OpenRCT2 in the Convert Save to Scenario? I wasn't sure if this should be an Issue or just a discussion first.
  4. I took programming in college a few years ago: my favorites are C# followed by Java. This project interests me because I love the game and because I enjoy programming, although I don't do it as a profession and I haven't coded in a team before. Would you be able to direct me to a simple programming task on your GitHub so that I could get my feet wet and perhaps contribute more greatly in the future? Thanks.
  5. Hey, all. Don't know if you solved this yet. There's a fix on the way. In the meantime, here's how I got past it: Find the OpenRCT2 folder in your documents. It should contain folders like bin, landscape, save, scenario, track. Create a new folder called "Title Sequences" (without the quotes). Now when you create a new title sequence using the steps above, it will create in that folder and work properly!
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