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  1. Closing down the Observation Tower seems to delay the crash by a month, but it still crashes. I cannot find any logic behind this why the game would crash... The only reason I can think of is that the park might be too big? Even though it isn't even that big yet...? EDIT 2: Closing down a Launched Freefall seems to make the game crash even faster, and closing down the Reverse Freefall Coaster seems to delay the crash by about 1.5 Month. This really doesn't make sense....
  2. Hey everyone! Let me first of all say that I love RCT2. The mod is amazing and I really appreciate the work that you guys are putting into the project. Unfortunately I'm not here just to say thanks, but I've got a problem. I wanted to create a huge park (2.000.000 park value challenge), but after about 4 hours playing the game keeps crashing. I've got no idea why and I haven't got much information either. The only thing I can say is that The game freezes and you will just get the "This program has stopped working" message. No specific error boxes. On this specific save it will crash on March 14'th When you close down all the rides it won't crash When I tried to close down all the rides and open them one by one, the game still crashed no matter in what order I opened the rides That's about all the information I've got. I've tried to google the problem, but couldn't find the answer. Hopefully someone can help me with this. I'm currently running the latest version for windows. Thanks in advance! Sidenote: Also the game crashed before this whole situation, and that crash included a dmp file. Maybe it can help. Corrupted.sv6 2c58750c-fd7f-4413-8ec8-96478a9b8a39.sv6 2c58750c-fd7f-4413-8ec8-96478a9b8a39(20197d5_x86-64).dmp
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