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  1. the cutaway view is probably a good option but i shy away from it because if you rightclick it doesnt correspond to the thing your looking at so you might delete a path or something
  2. when i want to place a shop and i cant see because of rides in the way?
  3. Can you make it have 2 options? See through Rides and See through Shops/Stalls?
  4. oh... i just watched a tutorial i guess it should be worth noting i cant place footpaths... the button does nothing but make click sound
  5. this is the error message i get when i try to place the park entrance
  6. tried updating both rct and openrct nothing worked, i cant use the scenario editor bc it crashes if i click the button to make a park entrance, it is fine until the mouse leaves the window for some reason 6eaa78f3-af08-4437-856c-ada3c8705fc0(0d52030_x86-64).dmp 6eaa78f3-af08-4437-856c-ada3c8705fc0.sv6
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