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  1. Thank you for going to increase the limit! I think 16 as the new limit would be great! Cant wait to finish the coasters and landscape it and get it on my youtube channel
  2. I have basically finished the coasters but wouldn't want to cut it down to 8 if you wonderful people were going to increase the limit if you could let me know if you do or not id much appreciate that! Thanks for taking your time on this post!
  3. Hello openrct community! In making a 10-way dueling coaster I found out that when I tested them 2 trains always remained at their station while the other 8 left normally, It started out being the outside most 2 on either side but for whatever reason has switched too two on one side as you see in the picture. When I close the 2 that aren't going and test oddly enough only 7 go normally and 1 stays at its station, but when I close and unsynchronize the 2 that weren't going the other 8 go normally. Thanks for reading and any feedback!
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