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  1. Oh no I have not! I'm still getting use to all the new features brought in by OpenRCT and missed that. I will check it out, thanks for the tip!
  2. Yes, what ended up happening was there was a wall there in front of the exit, but the weird thing is is that when I placed the entrance to the ride, it removed that wall, but didn't remove it for the exit. Since I could only see inside by turning off the building, I never was able to see that the wall was there. I removed the roof and took the wall out and everything works now. If people couldn't get in the entrance then I would have known immediately what was up. And why do you assume I used PRNTSCRN and what does it even matter if I did? I actually used a screen capture program and highlighted the part I wanted to save.
  3. First off, THANK YOU for doing this project. I LOVE RCT2 and it's probably my all time favorite game. That said, I'm noticing an odd bug on the "Factory Capers" map. I'm using one of the buildings and attached a Log Flume to it. I have a dedicated mechanic with a zone enabled for this ride and one other water ride by the pond in the middle of the map. As I was playing I kept getting a message saying the Log Flume hasn't been fixed in a quite a long time. I went to look and it shows that my mechanic took the call and is en route to fix it, but he's not walking anywhere near the log flume. I pick him up and place him right by the entrance of the ride, which resets his call. After he walked 1-2 blocks he gets the call again and is again en route. But this is where the bug comes in. He doesn't go through either the entrance or the exit of the broken ride that he is right next to. In fact he walks right by them, and insists on walking down a path away from the ride. I removed his zone and tried again, same problem. I hired a new mechanic and picked up the old one so the new one would get the call, same problem. Attached is a screenshot. The queue path and exit path are inside the building, so the only thing sticking outside is the ride and the entrance/exit. The yellow circle is where I placed him and then the path he took to walk away from the right instead of fixing it. I looked through the issue tracker but didn't see this one specifically, so sorry if it's there and I missed it. Thanks for looking into this! EDIT: I just realized something. Look at the smaller screenshot. Even though the entrance is on the end of the path, there are benches blocking it. I think this is the cause of the problem. Guests don't seem to have an issue going through the benches but the Mechanic thinks the path is blocked.
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