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  1. Hi Opendevs, Today I encountered an issue with the game. After playing for a day I was alt tabbed out of the game. When I returned into the game all I could see was a black screen. I thought weird, but I guess that can happen. So I closed OpenRCT2 and tried to open the autosave of my park so I wouldn't lose my progress. When I clicked on the any of the autosave files the game would just return to the start screen. Upon inspection I noticed that all the autosave files were 0 bytes. Also the last 2 saves that I made of my park were 1 byte and 0 bytes, meaning the save files are effectively
  2. In hindsight I can see that the way I phrased it may have come over a bit like I was being a dick. I didn't mean it to be sarcastic in a mean way but I shouldn't have phrased it like that so my apologies! I do very much appreciate the hard work that you guys put into this game as I think openrct definitely has been a revolution when it comes to RCT. Also I am happy to see the bug has been fixed, thanks guys!
  3. So I actually discovered this issue a year ago but I never really made a problem out of it, however recently it was brought to my attention that maybe I should make the openRCT dev team aware of this issue. I'm not 100% sure if this bug is specifically OpenRCT2 related, but this is the only game where I have encountered this issue before. The bug itself is as follows, if you try to save a game by using the "Save Game As" button and then click the "Use System File Browser" window the savegame menu pops up. This savegame window for me minimizes the actual game and shows the save game window
  4. Hello all, After updating to the latest version of OpenRCT today I am having some problems with the game. The game seems to crash whenever I try to build a new ride, or when I click on the object selection tab. It just says openrct.exe stopped working and the game crashes. This does not happen when playing in a multiplayer park, only when playing in a solo park. Does anyone else have the same problem or has anyone found a fix to this problem already? I'm running windows 7 btw and never had any problems in the past. Thanks in advance
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