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  1. Hey guys! Last time I played Open RCT2 (probably about a year ago), everything worked fine. Now I downloaded the updated "latest release" and some of my parks won't load (see screenshot). Is there a way to fix this? I put so much time into this particular park and would really like to play it again. Thanks
  2. So I just downloaded OpenRCT2 ( crashed on startup, could be fixed already). Continueing on one of my parks, it's an amazing mod and I can finally do everything the game was missing. But since I built on my park with OpenRCT2, the ride music plays at completly strange places. When I have an Oriental themed area with a Rollercoaster and I select "Orientel music", I hear nothing. When I hover to the side (where nothing's built yet), I hear it. That's pretty sad since the music is one of the main things of the RCT2-feeling. This actually occurs on all my parks for all my attractions now. Does anyone have an idea, why that could be or what to do about that? Thanks!
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