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  1. That's great, looking forward to that. Amazing work you guys, thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks, that's awesome! Now, is there a way for the selected "cheats" to stay selected? Loading another game, it is still selected, but restarting the game sets everything back to default.
  3. Hey guys, first of all, I love OpenRCT2. It is so awesome to play one of my favorite games, but without the annoying limitations. One feature you had introduced was lifthill speeds that are higher than usual, such as 90 km/h instead of 12 km/h. That for me was the only possibility to "simulate" launched coasters (since the launche out of the station only works for a few coasters and is stupid). With the current version, I suddenly can't increase the lifthill speeds anymore. Is there a hidden option that I need to select again or why is this feature gone? I would really
  4. Hey guys! Last time I played Open RCT2 (probably about a year ago), everything worked fine. Now I downloaded the updated "latest release" and some of my parks won't load (see screenshot). Is there a way to fix this? I put so much time into this particular park and would really like to play it again. Thanks
  5. So I just downloaded OpenRCT2 ( crashed on startup, could be fixed already). Continueing on one of my parks, it's an amazing mod and I can finally do everything the game was missing. But since I built on my park with OpenRCT2, the ride music plays at completly strange places. When I have an Oriental themed area with a Rollercoaster and I select "Orientel music", I hear nothing. When I hover to the side (where nothing's built yet), I hear it. That's pretty sad since the music is one of the main things of the RCT2-feeling. This actually occurs on all my pa
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