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  1. ok well I bought a legitimate copy and it works so lol
  2. would it work better if it is a legitimate copy form steam?
  3. oh I just remembered, it's a torrent version that I have downloaded a long long time ago because I lost my disc EDIT: or not? I honestly do not remember where does my copy come from, I remember that I lost my disc at one point but I did re-download a free version somewhere
  4. it's v0.0.5.0 develop build 304d797 (that's what it says on the bottom left corner)
  5. the most recent built (0.0.5 I believe?) I don't even remember where I downloaded my game from honestly lol. The input are ignored and nothing is moving on the screen. No error messages printed too.
  6. So it's been a while that I've played RCT2 with OpenRCT2, so today I wanted to play again. Last time Iv'e played the game was running perfectly. So today, I updated everything so I can play again. But on startup, the game just freezes. The menu is showing but I can't click anything. The game is just not responding. Help?
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