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  1. Sorry but I'm really confused, Saved Games is just .DAT and i don't have a Saves Folder
  2. Sorry, Should of Mentioned im using Mac, Will that Affect what ill still do with the file?
  3. I Really want to install a park, but when i click it, it says "Cannot Load File" Please Help!
  4. yeah, especially the custom supports/rides
  5. how do you install CC on a mac?
  6. The 4D Coaster has a bug where it shows Items the coaster CANT use but if you click them it crashes your game. here is a complete List of the Things you Shouldn't Click! 4D Coaster Crash Bug **When Track is upside Down Crashes when pressing: Half Loop Inline Twist Left and Right** Half Corkscrew Left and Right** Inline Twist has a bug where inline twist both left and right and recopied at the bottom of the list, those DO NOT crash your game
  7. Yes! When I use the Half Loop on the 4D Coaster it Just Crashes! I can use the Premade Tracks but it just crashes when I pick different special Pieces
  8. Okay, whenever I use the B&M Flyer Coaster or a 4D Coaster in the custom builder it just crashes when I press a button please help! I'm using the Demo Version Because I'm stingy
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