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  1. I just read the fine print on the download page and discovered that I have to actually have a copy of roller coaster tycoon 2 for this to run, so it turns out that I am a complete idiot
  2. I tried the demo and the recommended versions, they both do the exact same thing
  3. Yes I have an installation of the game... im not a complete idiot
  4. it is a fresh install off of this website, never launched
  5. I just discovered this game, and downloaded it. At first I downloaded version 0.0.5 build bde0989 and it crashed instantly on startup. I then tried version 0.0.4 which was marked stable. It did the same thing. After that, i tried the launcher on github. same thing. I went back to the first one i tried, and still the same thing. I am running windows 10. PLEASE HELP c4defb76-36a8-4c00-b932-39d3bc202d48.dmp
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