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  1. From what I understand, Transport Tycoon came out prior to RCT, and RCT started out as a sequel to TT. It's possible that Chris used similar base code for both games. With RCT2 being a bit of an updated version of RCT1. So who knows, since they already reversed it with OpenTTD, it may be a similar setup.
  2. yeah, I don't really know much about coding, more of a hardware guy. It really was just an idea I wanted to share myself, even though others definately have done it already.
  3. So, last night my friend and I were playing RCT2 multiplayer, thanks to Open RCT2! And we noticed that the map size was controlled by a 8-bit value (min 0, max 254 (even though 11111111 = 255). Him and I thought what if we could re-code some parts of the game, adapt it for running in a 64 bit runtime and increase the capability of some values (such as making the map size value a 16-bit value, allowing map sizes to be at max 65536 x 65536, which probably wouldn't be a thing. Most likely a good max map size would be 2048 at most, 1024 being an optimal Large map). We know that the map size of 254x254 is big as it is, but we want bigger. also having the ability to select ALL rides and stalls would be cool. This would require almost rewriting most of the code, but I thought it would be nice if possible. I know OpenTTD has a 64bit version, and they are pretty similar, so it may be possible.
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