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  1. Sorry for replying to this ancient report, but the bug is (sort of) still unfixed, though only with the maze it seems. I'm still unable to save scenery with OpenRCt2, but now instead of being offset, the dialogue claims it contains invalid scenery and placing it causes it to appear invisible and off screen. Loading a custom maze build in vanilla RCT2 will work, but will still place the scenery at a different position (looks like some sort of coordinate switchup) than in the draft. You can try to replicate this by building one of the pre-made mazes like "Crazy Castle" and saving the build
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to point out two pretty major bugs. Saving a new ride design will open the standard windows dialog, but the file cannot be saved as it is. The name check seems to ignore the file extension that is hidden by the dialog and will just check the string value infront of the invisible .sv6 part. Saving will always fail until some random "normal" extension is typed in (.png, .jpg, ...). Trying to place a previously saved ride with scenery causes the scenery to be placed at wrong coordinates [screenshot]. Rides that have been saved in regular rtc2 are unaffected and
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