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  1. Turns out I figured out what was going on.... For some reason all my port forwarding entries in the windows firewall disappeared, that includes inbound and outbound rules. All I had to do was redo the entries for Port 25565 and now everything seems to be working. Also, just incase I also did the port forwarding for OpenTTD which is port 3979 just so I have extra ports already open for other things if I need it.
  2. Thing is that I don't have anything else to test if my ports are open, OpenTTD, OpenRCT2, and Minecraft are the only games I've served in a long time. Also I dunno why teksavvy would want to block openrct2, i mean it only takes a little bit of data. I really think this is something with RCT2 or Windows.
  3. I really want to get bet to hosting a sever, I really did enjoy having run with my rocky mountain park scenario Does anywone have ANY ideas as to why I can't host a server now? Now that I think about it, the only thing that has changed is that I updated OpenRCT2, but everthing else is working fine! Why can't I get OpenRCT2 to host a server!?!
  4. Yes, I basically just set up the ports for Minecraft (port 25565) which I used before with success with OpenRCT2. I did try using another port, port 25566 and 47282 and neither worked as well, OpenRCT2 console still telling me that it was unable to reach the game server. Also, I made sure to check in Windows firewall that OpenRCT2 wasn't blocked on any network and allowed on inbound and outbound rules on top of already having Port 25565 opened for both UDP and TCP int he inbound and outbound rules.
  5. I use to host my own OpenRCT2 servers back before February, and I had everything working fine. People where able to see my server and connect and I had a decent amount of people too. I recently got internet back with a new company (I use to be with BELL Canada, but now I'm with TekSavvy), which also means I have a new Modem/Router combo, the SmartRG SR505N. I already figured out how to port forward on it and I have been able to get a minecraft server running on Port 25565 which I used in the past as well as for OpenRCT2 when I was with BELL (Hey, it worked for both, so enh)
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