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  1. Why does this newer build fail with my server? Using the one I stated runs It flawless, the new build loves to kick people for the no data..
  2. I was talking to another person that had the same problem as me, I fixed it by downloading THIS Build: https://openrct2.org/downloads/develop/d4864108 Rune the appveyor build you provided is not working with many people. Direct them to the one above.
  3. I Understand i have installed that version and many others multiple times, Yet still no one can join, My ports for the server are open I even tested them too. I did not do any CMD commands to launch the server. Any other ways?
  4. Yes I see a recent thread below mine about the same topic however I downloaded the file on the thread he claimed work for him and the newest build on the official website. I still get an error everytime someone attempts to join, either they got a closed connection or no data.. ANY IDEAS?
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