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  1. Ok, i'll post a save file here later today. And i'm running the most recent development build v0.0.5 1237bca
  2. I've noticed recently what i think is probably a bug with the syncing of multiple stations, particularly at least if not more than 3 stations. I had 4 racers synced up and ready to go and then i ran a test run. 3 of the 4 stations let the coaster go while the 4th just sat there. Once the next set of trains got to the front of the station in the 3 other rides the 4th station released its coaster and the other 3 stations did not. Since test running synced coasters was a bit buggy in the original game, i tried opening them to see if it would fix the issue. For the most part, it did fix the issue.
  3. I actually had this same problem, however i am able to save most track designs. I downloaded the recreations pack that converts the deluxe scenarios to rct2 compatible and on certain parks i am not able to save certain. There's no way they're too big because i have been able to save larger rides before. I've also tried saving track designs on an original rct2 map to try to rule out it being a bug with the rct1 maps. The only thing i can think of, from the error message, is that there are too many elements in the design.
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