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  1. here is a screenshot of just the main menu. I also dont seem to have an option to start a game of any kind. The scenarios are empty and there is no sandbox mode or similar option.
  2. Hello, I recently bought rollercoaster tycoon classic on steam. I was under the impression it was a mix of RCT 1 and 2, but after playing for a bit I realized the menus were a pain to use and I figured out that it's a port of a mobile version. I would like to instead use OpenRCT2. I understand that it is possible to use classic files with openrct2, but it requires a bit of moving files around to get it to work. I found another post on here that had instructions on what files to move so I have created a folder with 3 subfolders; Data, Objdata, and Tracks. I then copied the files from RCTC folde
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