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Unstable Build "0f2177"

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Hi everyone.

Recently upgraded to build 0F2177, but i have noticed that it's very unstable during start up ( crashes ) and takes forever to find servers and sometimes the game just freezing up and have to force it to close. Or the game freezes when trying to load a server from my Favorites.

I'm using Windows 10.

I haven't had this before and it's very annoying


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Didn't get it anymore after i posted this. Very strange ofcourse, but now running in Windows 7 mode without the admin rights.

I saw you joining Brianbirthday's server to and you left with a No data msg ( as i was getting alot during this problem + crashes )


Edit:  Just crashed again after i clicked to post it :P. Same happened as in the video.

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Update: Just updated to 90665c7 and still seems unstable for me. Something is wrong on my side i guess :). Had problems earlier with wifi not connecting at all.

i will reinstall Windows if OpenRCT2 just runs fine on my other pc.

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