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Few ideas for scenario editor

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Just downloaded this last night--works like an absolute charm and I love that I can play with friends now, too. I went over to the scenario editor to start on something for friends and I to screw around on and came upon a couple things that I think would be wonderful additions if they're possible.

  • A way to clear all items from the editor, to start from scratch--or just to clear items from each tab. Would be nice not to have to go uncheck every box.
  • Upping the limit on how many things from each category can be added--only for rides and scenery/pathing of course, wouldn't make sense for water and such.

If I come up with anything else I'll probably note it here. These are just off the top of my head.

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6 minutes ago, imlegos said:

It's just that literally everyone always says something about the limit. It gets tiring hearing about it.

But at the same time not everyone is going to trawl through every topic just to see that no-one has asked the question before...

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